People at the top make harder decisions. That is their job. Most of them are surrounded by able staff members, commanders (if in the military), advisors, consultants, etc. At the end, when decision time comes, everybody leaves the room and Top Chief must decide…alone. This is what is known as “lonely at the top” or “solitude of command” or several other ways to describe this difficult and crucial moment in which Top Chief decides the way to go. And the burden is on him/her. We all know Ike’s Eisenhower letter to be distributed if his plans for D-Day would fail. He assumes alone all responsibility.
Surveys show that a large percentage of CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies have executive coaches and I am sure this is a recurrent subject that comes up. How to help them to deal with this is a great responsibility that, as coaches, we must assume with professionalism and deep knowledge of the situation at hand. Important to distinguish if we are dealing with solitary decision making, as all CEO’s do, or with Executive Isolation, which is negative and a recipe for disaster for the organization and the executive’s career. #executivecoach#leadershipcoaching