Coaching – Q & A’s

How do I start the coaching process ?

Contact us to schedule a free, one hour Discovery session.  During this session, we will explore your values, focus areas and goals, as well as discuss the foundations and guidelines of your Coaching process.  Once this session is completed, you will decide if you want to commit to the process.

How long does the coaching process take ?

After a successful Discovery session, we request that you make a commitment of 11 weekly sessions of one hour each.  This is the recommended industry standard, as it will allow the Coaching process to truly demonstrate its effectiveness. Once you have completed the 11 sessions you will decide, in conjunction with your coach, if more sessions are needed.

How do I know if my Coach is adequately trained?

The exponential growth of Coaching in the last years has fostered the creation of innumerous Coaching Training institutions. You should always ensure that your Coach has attended rigorous training programs in internationally reputable institutions.

What makes coaching so convenient?

Coaching can be done face to face, in the convenience of your home or office, and also conducted via phone, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or similar electronic media. Location is truly no obstacle!

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