Executive Coaching engages with people in a personalized manner, always respecting the Coachees’ individuality.  It helps people to know themselves better, live more consciously, and contribute to society more richly.  The essentially human nature of coaching is what makes it work.


The main objective of Life Coaching is to develop the Coachees’ overall strengths and abilities, providing the drive and guidance they need to recognize their skills and dreams, refocus their life’s goals, move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals, ultimately helping them improve their relationships and overall life.


Career Coaching is a process that stimulates the Coachee to think about himself / herself, enabling him / her to make career choices that fit who he / she is.  The job market has become more competitive and cut-throat, with more jobs being available and competition being fiercer than ever.  In addition, there are a variety of sources from which to find these jobs.  Career Coaching not only helps Coachees find the job that fits their needs, but also decide what they want from a job.


NLTA is a Leadership Assimilation Process whose purpose is to make a conscious effort to avoid the all-too-human elements that threaten the development of a trusting team and limit the potential for executives to display their talents. It is a simple learning model that is efficient, engaging, and meaningful for any team with a new leader.  NLTA aligns expectations, preferences, and items that might create obstacles to success among the team members.

Career Coaching for Youngsters

Career Coaching for Youngsters is an essential tool for your children to decide the paths they will follow in the future. Today, more than learning to find and obtain a job, young people need to know how to manage their careers, set goals, do self-assessment, and develop strategies to find the best opportunities.
The goal of Career Coaching for Youngsters is to facilitate the planning of professional life during high school to reduce anxiety, insecurity and uncertainty. The methodology helps your children to be more aware of their talents, interests, values and passions.
Consequently, they will better select courses, colleges and internships, optimize their resources, time and energy, to be able to enjoy a fuller and more satisfying adult life.


Bullying prevention Program (www.neeu.org) was created to address issues that impact the health and safety of children and teenagers and their social interactions. Our goal is to implement world-class educational programs in Latin America. We specialize in bullying prevention programs (from the Olweus Institute, the world’s most recognized anti-bullying program), relaxation and anxiety control techniques, Resilience, Mindset and Mindfulness.
We have already implemented these programs in several schools and institutions in Mexico and our mission is to expand to Brazil and the rest of Latin America.
We firmly believe that the world is changing rapidly and that we should give new generations (our children and teenagers) the resources needed to succeed in this new environment..

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